4th Fridays | Double-Shot Coffee Conversations with AASSP

4th Fridays | Double-Shot Coffee Conversations with AASSP

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Each month we'll unpack another challenging industry topic. This is a small-format event with limited spaces, so register early!

About this event

You'll want to queue up a double-shot of caffeine for this one! Each month, our President Stephanie Naidoo will select an industry topic for debate and unpacking. This is your opportunity to share opinions, challenge the norms, and explore new ideas in a small online group. Limited to a maximum of 12 attendees, please pour yourself a cuppa (or two) and get ready for some fun!

Upcoming Discussion Topics: Please visit our LinkedIn page to view the upcoming topic, or be surprised & just drop in!


Previous Topics:

27th August 2021: This month’s Double-Shot Coffee Conversation continues on from our recent Thought Leadership event: Why bother assessing Process Maturity - supporting NBNCo's scale journey to 8 million happy homes

If you missed that one, then make sure you join us this Friday morning in a limited group setting where Master Black Belt Dr Indi Ray from NBNCo joins Stephanie Naidoo AASSP President and Blue Crane Consulting CEO.

They’ll be hosting the discussion for what are the three critical success factors for process maturity in a Transformational program.

July 2021: This month’s Double-Shot Coffee Conversation we look at how corporations set up their strategic roadmap and the influences that come about from it which impact throughout the organisation and then flows through to its customers.

Taking a recent post from Dr Jess Tayel we’re going unpack and discuss what each participant is experiencing in their own organisation.(https://www.linkedin.com/posts/business-transformation-change-coach-mentor_why-companies-wont-let-bad-projects-die-activity-6817950390164840448-T_WX)

It’s cold, some of us are at home and it looks to be a long winter, so rug up put the kettle on join some friendly faces for this month's Double-Shot!

June 2021: Lean Six Sigma and related disciplines start with VOC. It is a constant element of every improvement project and measurement. So how well is your organisation using VOC? Is it based on real customer interactions, frequently updated, and an integral part of your processes? Let’s get real about our VOC and how we can improve, in another Double-Shot Coffee Catch-up!

May 2021: This month, we’re back to basics with a discussion around Lean concepts. In the current environment, which of the Lean wastes is most important to focus on, and why?

Bring your thoughts and experiences from your own individual organisations, what you’re seeing in your industry and across Australia.

As the weather turns cold pour yourself a hot strong cup and join us for another interactive conversation!

March 2021: Let's look and discuss the variances in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt programs.

Specifically, we have seen great variability in the topics covered and the length of these programs, with a trend that sees them decreasing in recent times - shorter number of days, fewer facilitators, and less or no requirement for being in a role to become a black belt. Our data shows that in the current market, standard corporate-sponsored Green Belt courses range is 3-10 days; and Black Belt’s range is 12-30 days.

Why is this the case?

Cost pressures? Topic relevancy to business needs? Greater existing level of familiarity with process mapping and/or project management? or maybe more efficient training methods?

Bring your coffee and your opinions, because this is going to be a high-energy conversation and we want to hear what you think?

February 2021: Business Process Management, Operational Excellence/Business Excellence, and Lean Six Sigma: What are the similarities and differences between these areas, and how do they work together?

January 2021: The new year is off to an exciting start, and highlighted trends in OpEx include business model innovation, process intelligence, continued developments in artificial intelligence, and data as an asset. Which of these do you find the most exciting, and what potential do they hold for your organisation?

October 2020: With limited resources, how would you begin the implementation of an operational culture uplift program (i.e., CI, Lean, Agile, Process Maturity)?(1) Coaching team-level &/or whole-of-organisation common language and toolkit (e.g. 4 Habits), or(2) Delivering large-scale process improvement projects.

September 2020: What is a 'Digital Transformation'? Besides its usual scale as a whole-of-enterprise program, is it really any different from a process improvement program with a technology investment budget?

August 2020: By today's evolved definition, a corporation that is implementing 'Agile culture' is actually using Agile language to describe Lean culture. Agree or disagree, and why?

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