ANIMAL Power: Shamanic Healing Journey to free body, mind & soul

ANIMAL Power: Shamanic Healing Journey to free body, mind & soul

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Authentic Living Centre

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113-115 Oxford Street

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A liberating journey of transformation that offers rapid healing by freeing oneself from past trauma, negative energy and limiting beliefs.

About this event

Enhance your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. This is a powerful healing journey for body, mind and soul.

  • No previous experience required to attend.
  • Bring your yoga mat & wear comfortable clothes.
  • Ideally don't eat prior the event (have your dinner afterwards)

Limited spots! Book in advance to secure your spot.


Shamanic Healing Ceremony

Sky Rivers will guide you through shamanic work into a powerful state of healing. You may experience energetic, emotional and physical releases which are very common in this process. As you journey deeper into altered states of consciousness, you may experience profound visions and receive guidance from spirit guides and ancestors.


Health Benefits & Wellbeing

A liberating journey that offers rapid healing by clearing negative energy, past trauma, fear and limiting beliefs from your body and energy field. This creates a harmonious environment within you where physical, emotional and mental health can flourish.

As your nervous system resets from fight and flight (which can be experienced as fear, stress, anxiety, restlessness and so on) your body returns to its natural state of balance and harmony. You feel more heart-centred, grounded and start living in the present moment.

Common experiences are also clarity of thought, heightened intuition, more joy in life and the awakening of creativity.


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About Sky Rivers

Sky left her career in technology in 2018 to follow her calling as energy healer, offering Kundalini ceremonies, weekend immersions and facilitator training. What started off as Kundalini activation process over 4 years ago has evolved into a deep shamanic healing journey which continues to unfold. Sky's facilitations offer transformative journeys of liberation and empowerment which are rooted in her spiritual awakening and her studies in shamanism, quantum physics, and neuroscience.


What others say

"There is some kind of power that happens in the session. It’s like you're regaining an aspect of yourself, each time you have one of these experiences. You may not know what it is consciously but the week that follows you’ll start to feel that whatever happened in the session is integrating into your life. I feel more empowered as myself where I feel what I have to say or how I feel is more valued and that it is important and that I can speak up and stand my ground." - Fenda Ashworth

"I got stuck with transforming my body at one point. So I did some fitness modeling and I couldn’t get my body to the level that I wanted to, and I was pushing too hard. I was stressing my body, so there was a complete disconnect between my mind and how my body was feeling and healing. I feel like a cloud that’s been blocking me has been lifted. I think freedom is what I’ve been searching for for so long. So to have that kind of healing has been very transformative." - Ashley Hudson

"The past few weeks have opened me up like I never could have imagined, daily life has become a beautiful and blissful experience. This new found energy that surges through the body pulls me into the moment and opens me up to the immense intensity of experience that was perhaps before overlooked. I feel a sense of unity with others and the environment as I move about my day. I feel so content in daily life." - Jay Logan

"During my most recent session I received an influx of divine light unlike anything I have ever felt. It completely changed my energetic vibration - it was as though I was being bathed in divine white light. My clarity, focus, purpose and sense of peace has been amplified as a direct result of this extraordinary energy. It's powerful stuff! Life changing." - Rachael Cox

"I never felt so connected to my body, mind and soul. I highly recommend Sky for everyone who is seeking answers and awakening for this new world." - Sthéfanie Zacharias

"Since my first session I've experienced more energy, feelings of happiness and everything feeling wonderful. It has helped me to manifest my goals and even relieved pain I have had for a long time in my body." - Heidi Lude

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