Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out

Medicine Song Retreat - 4 Day Sacred Camp Out

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    Yoga Temple


    Cooran, QLD 4563


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    Medicine Song Retreats are an opportunity for women to come together to sing and weave medicine songs and sound healing, on the land.

    About this event

    Welcome to our 4 Day Medicine Song Retreat

    Sacred Camp Out:

    Read about this Exquisite Retreat:

    Welcome to our 4 day (3 night) Retreat where we will camp on beautiful sacred land at the base of Pinbarren Mount in the gorgeous Noosa Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

    During this special time together we will be on the land, swimming in the waters (optional), singing around the fire, weaving our medicine song magic with breath, movement, daily yoga and meditation and sound in a full retreat experience.

    The retreat is fully catered and will offer free time as welll as a lush retreat program to fully unwind, release, heal and rejuvenate oneself in an incredibly beautiful environment.

    1 Day Retreats & Montly Song Nights

    In the lead up to this sacred event we will be offering the option of joining one or both of our 1 Day Retreats to meet us and experience the magic (17th July & 14th August) in the same location as our 4 day retreat, in a beautiful Yoga Temple with close Mountain views. Event links to book for the Day retreats is:

    You are also more than welcome to join our regular monthly circle song nights in a beautiful golden yurt in the Noosa Hinterland. Event link for this is:

    Who is Medicine Song Circle?

    We represent a collective of women, who come together to sing and weave medicine songs.

    These songs are for the upliftment of women, community and the earth! We draw from a mixture of cultures, inviting soulful tunes and mantra into a blend of rhythm and love, as medicine for the planet.

    We come together as women on the earth to sing our hearts out, to remember the power of the collective voice, and reclaim our divine song!

    As we sing we offer our frequency for healing, heart opening, prayer, earth connection, tribe gathering and communing with the heart beat of our mother earth 🌏 especially during this valuable transition healing time in history.

    May our heart lights shine brightly. Our strengths, our rawness, our openness, our vulnerability, our void.

    All is welcomed in this space.

    There was a time when songs were part of daily life. No person was left out. We sang during our daily activities, we sang at birth, we sang at death, we sang to celebrate and we sang to mourn. I welcome back this day where we remember our song.

    This circle is a seed. A seed for us to remember. To welcome in a new way and new culture. We welcome you, whether a beginner or experienced in exploring your voice in our collective song.

    This 4 day camp out is an invitation for all women of all walks of life to gather together and sing, as an opportunity to gather in retreat on the land, in the Noosa Hinterland.

    2022 Medicine Song 4 Day Retreat Camp Out:

    Thursday September 15th Lunchtime - Sunday 18th Septermber 4 pm

    2022 Medicine Song 1 Day Retreat Dates: 9am-4pm

    • June 18th
    • July 17th
    • August 14th

    2022 Medicine Song Circle Evenings in the Yurt:

    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Monthly (New Moon)

    • June 30th
    • July 28th
    • August 25th
    • September 29th

    Limited Spaces Available

    Email: to Book

    Optional 1 Day Retreats: 18th June, 17th July & 14th August $99

    Fully Catered 4 Day Retreat Investment: $555 (Deposit: $222)


    * Please Note - Place only secured once registration form completed.


    Payment options include:

    * Monthly New Moon Circles in a beautiful golden Yurt in the Noosa Hinterland. $20

    * 1 Day Retreat/s in the Noosa Hinterland $99

    * 4 Day Fully Catered Montly Retreat 15-18th September $555

    *Special Saver - when booking 4 day retreat plus song circles and Day retreats $777

    These retreat spaces are held and lovingly guided by Zoe Dodds, Adhi Bail and Sarita Sloane of Medicine Song Circle.

    For enquiries phone:

    Adhi: 0437900621


    Monthly in a private Yurt in the Lake MacDonald area.

    Day Retreats plus 4 Day Retreat in Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

    Testimonials & Experiences

    "Medicine Song Circle, is a space of being nurtured by the presence of other women, weaving our hearts & voices, realising we are in this journey on earth together. A space to feel welcome whether we are feeling up or down, vulnerable or strong. Come as you are " Emmy (Singer)

    "Medicine Song Circle is a highlight of the month for me. The Song is medicine that ignites my strength and inner feminine wisdom. Also, I feel supported, loved and nurtured. The Community and connection is beautiful. The space is held beautifully by Zoe, Adhi and Sarita. They are amazing musicians. Very inclusive. I feel totally safe and comfortable." Jaya (Social Worker)

    "The monthly medicine song circle has repeatedly gifted me a loving space to just be and feel within a safe, held group of women, especially during times of external life turmoil. Magic occurs as as our voices weave, merge and lift and I always leave with a full heart and a softness born of the feminine essence. For me the safety comes in there being no social pressure to speak or explain or use words…our song is enough, and it’s in the blended song a heart resonance occurs. It’s not about being able to sing, it’s more about showing up, and always, always, feeling softer as I walk quietly back to my car, under the brightness of starlight, regenerated and ready to step back into life.” Natarsha

    "How wonderful to have discovered a group of women who love to sing together, for our own self healing, and to raise the vibration of the planet! This sacred circle includes medicine songs and kirtan style mantas in the beautiful setting of the Golden Womb, on Zoe’s property. She, along with Sarita & Adhi, hold space with genuine warmth and encouragement for all to sing as they feel to. I have experienced deep trancelike states, and delicious spontaneous improvisations never to be repeated. Pure magic." Caroline (Professional Musician)

    "Singing sacred song with beautiful beings in a loving environment is so good for the soul! I enjoy every session." Aurora Hood Hammond (Inner Child Therapist)

    "Medicine Song Circle is just that- Medicine for my soul. It truely has been the one thing that has provided a sense of belonging and deep nurturing, positively effecting me mentally emotionally and physically. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve experienced full body tingles due to the harmonics created by the women who gather at the circle.Truely vital for the times we are living in.

    Thank you to the Facilitators Zoe, Adhi & Sarita from the depths of my roots for continuing to show up and keep building on this wonderful community offering!!! Nadja (Acupuncturist)

    ""I am so grateful to have found this Women's Medicine Song Circle. I have been singing with them for over a year now & it is still one of my MOST favorite things to do! It is what "medicine" should be, healing and nourishing to body, mind, heart and soul! It is guided by three beautiful women of music & song, Adhi, Sarita & Zoe, all of whom are gifted musicians and divine high vibrational women who lead and live from their hearts, encouraging others to also stand in their truth & their power. The space these three hold is welcoming to all- no music or singing experience is needed or expected. It is a safe space for all to explore, to have fun & to gain confidence in their voice & self expression.Being a part of this circle brings so much joy & delight to my heart & soul! As women sitting in circle together in love and in harmony, we heal ourselves, we heal each other, we heal the world!" Doris (Singer & Healer)

    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image
    Medicine Song  Retreat - 4 Day  Sacred Camp Out image

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