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3 Day Melbourne Conversational Hypnosis Program - Round 2

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Federation Square - Beer DeLuxe - Conference Centre

Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Melbourne, VIC 3000


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A VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN ... How Our Students Master Conversational Hypnosis In '4 Steps' And Become The Go To Hypnotists In The Industry.

Dear reader,

Finally revealed the 4 step conversational hypnosis system to catapult your success. Scott Jansen's conversational hypnosis experience 3-day certification reveals what it takes to master conversational hypnosis like a true expert. Get a front row seat to Scott Jansen's very system that had him creating a 6 figure income in his first year as a Hypnotist and create a 4-month waiting list ...

And believe it or not, you too can learn exactly what it takes to become a world-class hypnotist in 4 simple steps. This is a rare opportunity that will not be repeated.

Where this program truly excels is its ability to be broken down to suit even the most novice of Hypnotists, and also reveal new understandings to even the season vets of the industry. Where else can you become involved in a life changing seminar, be internationally certified, illicit your first hypnotic trance within the first half an hour, all without the use of argues techniques, hypnotic scripts and blended together lectures that can be a pain to sit through? We had to create a training based on real world application, repeated practice and most of all, a theory that would resonate with the Hypnotists listening. And we did it. And it was even a shocking surprise for us to see students, who had no concept of what hypnosis was, perform marvelous hypnotic session that would even shock the best in the industry.

" Get a front row seat to Scott Jansen's very system that had him creating a 6 figure income in his first year as a Hypnotist and create a 4-month waiting list "

From beginners to the experts:

Scott Jansen's sold out events have connected the dots when it comes to becoming world class as a Hypnotist or specialist. With a promise of no scripts, no boring lectures and an eye-opening demonstration of the true essence of hypnosis, we invite you to be a part of this revolutionary event like 1000's of students before you.

Who Should Attend?

Calling all Hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, Life coaches, Personal Development gurus, Motivational speakers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and hypnosis enthusiasts wanting a first-hand glimpse at conversational hypnosis in action. If you are finally sick of reading scripts, practicing theory based techniques and given boring lectures from a book, then we have you covered. This event is to train you in the application of hypnosis, which is a rare treat

Quality Time With An Expert

If mastering conversational hypnosis, therapy, and even your own personal development is high on your list of life goals, then who else would you turn to than a therapist who understands the ins and outs of the mind with a knack for spontaneous, raw and in your face therapy.

Get ready to get up close and personal with Scott Jansen

The creator of Meta Mind Analyses, and the Go - To Hypnotherapist of A-list celebs and entertainers as he reveals his biggest secrets of hypnosis. Based on a thriving career over 8000 clients, over 18 years as a professional therapist, creator of over 35 home study programs and countless sold out events, Scott will reveal to you what it takes to finally harness the awesome power of the mind, in this 3-day extravaganza.

What Makes This Program Unique, And why our students are so well respected in the industry

STRUCTURED STEP-BY-STEP TECHNIQUES: We bring back to the basics and foundations of how to become a great Hypnotist. Without skipping a step or cutting edges we formulate an unbreakable foundation for you to build your hypnotic repartee on top of

TRAINED BY THE CREATOR OF THE 4 STEP HYPNOSIS FORMULA: How else can you reach such a high level of hypnotic integrity and know how, without being directly taught by the creator of the PHITTR formula and hypnosis pioneer Scott Jansen? Its real world experience meets real world application.

3 DAYS OF NONSTOP INSTRUCTIONS IN HYPNOTIC PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES: Our goal has always been to deliver an event that would leave our students with a skill set that was instantly usable, and with the complete guide on how to use hypnosis in the 21st century. Some might say that too much information is confusing, we say that not enough information can be disastrous.

BONUS – SPOTTING UNCONSCIOUS MOMENTS: If you were looking to find a concept that would transform the way you become a professional Hypnotherapist in the shortest amount of time this is it. This uncanny concept has been the foundation for the Academy’s success and has broken through the traditional hypnotic scene with an all mighty blow.

OVER 6 HYPNOTIC INDUCTIONS: With power comes prestige, as you are trained with over 6 flexible inductions to suit any personality and to treat even the biggest issues your clients will hire you for.

The best bit, your certification is internationally recognized

Created With 17 Years Experience, Over 10,000 Therapy Hours And An International Reputation

In this program, Scott shows you his concrete structure and frameworks to hypnosis to suit a formal and casual setting, using mastered skills only experience could teach

Following the next 17 years. Scott becomes so well requested that his session rate was triple the average Hypnotist, and only acquired bookings from the socially elite, that could afford his prices.

This ranged from International celebrities, singers and entertainers, Australia Idol contestants, NFL and NHL sports stars, Business men and women, and even current and ex-Olympic athletes.
After a flourishing career, Scotts attention turned to giving back to the industry and opened an Academy to fill in the educational gap of hypnosis trainings, to within 2 years having personally certified close to 3000 students ( 2015 – 2016 ), indirectly trained over 35000 students through home-based courses worldwide, produced over 285 hours of audible content, and authored 3rd first book.

What You’ll Learn during the Conversational Hypnosis Certification program:

Rapidly accelerate your recognition

With correct use of the PHITTR formula, you will be devising therapeutic trances that give you the power to instantly change the thoughts, images and feelings of your clients without being caught

Master the Hypnotic Attitude with excellence

On completion of this event, you will be acting, speaking and feeling like a Hypnotist who has years of experience, even if this is your first time using hypnosis.

Attract lucrative clients with a specialty skill
Gain the industry advantage to gaining high paying clients with methods taught by Scott himself as he reveals his secrets to longevity in the industry, and elite client base.

Experience a relationship with your own mind

Students who have completed this program historically report a dramatic shift in their life, to more positive and happier circumstances that have arisen from this powerful program.

Connect with a concrete and failsafe hypnotic program

Where else can you learn a program so jam packed with hypnotic principles than from an expert who has rewritten the rules of traditional therapies and paved the way from the successful Hypnotherapist

Cultivate deep trances with over 6 individual inductions ( script free )

The name of the game is creativity and is the direct reason why we introduce you to over 85 separate subjects and over 6 individual, unique and experienced based inductions including the infamous Spotting Unconscious Moments procedures ( Scotts personal creation )

Find yourself in producing Hypnotic trances immediately

What makes this training so revolutionary is the fact that it has been designed to promote more practical elements so you get the most from your new skill. You will hypnotize a fellow student within the first half an hour, all without the use of hypnotic scripts

A real world skill recognized internationally

With endorsements from 1 of the biggest governing boards and an insurance based certification on completion, you have a skill that will last a lifetime that has immediate application.

A support team like no other

The best bit is you just don’t get inspired mentoring from Scott himself, you gain a complete support staff who have undergone strenuous private mentoring from Scott to reach a level of sophistication that no other team could match.

You could be in the ‘Hot Seat’ with Scott

Within 3 days of training, you will have witnessed over 12 LIVE spontaneous demonstrations using real issues, that could have you personally experience a hypnosis session that would normally cost you between $1500 – $2000 an hour. What a way to learn

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Date and Time


Federation Square - Beer DeLuxe - Conference Centre

Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Melbourne, VIC 3000


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