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2020 Year of Golden METAL Rat ... What's in store for YOU ...

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Bayswater Bowling & Recreation Club

58 Murray Street

Bayswater, WA 6053


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2020 Year of Golden Metal RAT “The beginning of a new decade, be prepared for promising good fortune, if you are willing to step up and work through it’ during the Year of the Golden Metal Rat 2020”.

Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Centre, 58 Murray Street, Bayswater

Three seminar times. BOOK NOW – TICKETS SELL FAST!

Saturday January 18, 10.00am to 1.00pm

Sunday February 09, 1.00pm to 4.00pm

Wednesday February 19, 07.00pm to 10.00pm

What’s instore for you in 2020!

Its nearly time to welcome the Year of 2020 Golden Metal Rat … Chinese New Year arrives on January 25, 2020.

Sentimental and Strong, with fixed ideas, this rat can be stubborn, although it is helpful and hardworking. An ambitious rat with ability to see things through, it will be successful in all it undertakes.

A year of independence, resourcefulness, intelligence, charm and analytical actions and thinking

25 January marks the beginning of a 12-year cycle that leads us into a NEW DECADE, and it comes at a time when the energies are moving fast. There are many promising pockets of good fortune to be tapped in this Golden metal Rat Year, but also hidden potholes you must sidestep to avoid misfortune. expect to see challenges faced by the majority. On the other hand, turbulent times, sees empires rise and new kings established. Statistics show in turbulent times business empires, millionaires, and game changers are made …

Rats are cheerful, industrious, enduring, persistent, adaptable, accepting, curious and forgiving. They bounce back quickly from setbacks and even when down, they manage to keep smiling. They are fast, determined, and don’t stay put and have many changes and moves in all areas of their lives. They are excited by new things. Due to their reputation for being self-motivated, they are often mistrusted. The rat, after all, is an opportunist with an eye for a bargain.

Do you realise that every year your home’s energy changes due to Stars that enter your home?

In Feng Shui they are called Flying Stars and are either positive or negative in energy.

Your Chinese Zodiac animal sign also plays a significant role in your year’s outcome.

Get the unfair advantage by being prepared, reap the rewards.

Join me as I present this three-hour seminar:

Learn what’s instore for your personal forecast and animal sign for 2020

How the Metal Rat Year affects your personal BaZi Astrology Chart - for overall luck, career, money, health relationships and home environment in 2020

Learn how your home’s energy is being affected by Chinese astrology and the Flying Stars

Learn what cures to put in place to help appease the negative Flying Stars

Learn what enhances to put in place to help make the most of your positive Flying Stars

Learn What is the World’s Economic Outlook for 2020.

Learn What are the Auspicious Dates of 2020 and how you can use these dates strategically

2020 Feng Shui & Astrology Seminars gives the advantage by being prepared with insight for health harmony love and business opportunities. Tips for your home from Flying Stars, Chinese Astrology and Bagua, tune into the time changes so vital to take into consideration during 2020 Year of the Metal Rat representing independence, resourcefulness, intelligence, charm and analytical thinking …

Be prepared for 2020 Golden Metal RatWhile you MUST be well-informed and prepare to stay safe and go beyond the accepting Rat energy, you should also try to optimize benefits from your Four Pillars (birth chart) and 2020, which highlights your friends and allies.

To welcome in the Year of the Golden Metal Rat, start de-cluttering your space now.

The Annual Flying Stars are the Feng Shui energies that relate to the compass directions on the world chart for 2020. Annual Flying Stars have a major impact on your life with each New Year.

Each year, it is important to consider these yearly changes. It is important in Feng Shui to be prepared and to take the opportunity of benefiting from the auspicious changes and to negate the inauspicious changes that the Year of the Golden Metal Rat may bring.


Please email michele@completefengshui.com upon ticket purchase with your Name, birth details – year, month, day and time of birth if known.

Normally $99, EARLY BIRD BOOKING OF ONLY $49 prior to 01 Dec 2019

Terms and Conditions: 1. If you fail to attend, you will not be entitled to any refund. 2. However, if you are unable to attend due to health issues, you may transfer to the next available seminar date, if a medical certificate is provided.

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Bayswater Bowling & Recreation Club

58 Murray Street

Bayswater, WA 6053


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