2018 Australian Digital Go Championship

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Refund Policy

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Do you live in Australia or New Zealand, and play the ancient oriental game of go, online?

Been wanting to play in a tournament, but just can't make it to a capital city or afford to burn an entire weekend face-to-face?

This year is your chance. Come join us at the third annual Australian Digital Tournament.

This is a first-class tournament of the Australian Go Association and WAGC-eligible regional tournament of the New Zealand Go Society. If you are an Australian player, it affects your national rating, earns you international representative points, the whole ball of wax. If you are a New Zealand player, it is a fun chance to crush Australian players in a trans-Tasman tournament...and earns you international representative points.

There are seven rounds of go tournament, one round per week played at a go server near you.

The servers are OGS, KGS and PandaNet. Registration is $10 plus handling fee. Prizes are some cash, some free entry to national championships, and eternal glory.

Second division for kyu players (20k to 2d), first division for the Australian Digital Champion from the dan players (2k to 9d). All the rules and other information on the tournament web page.

The tournament organisers are the umpire (honorary Australian national coach, An Younggil 8p), director (Horatio Davis 1k, Brisbane), and volunteers (Matthew Crossman from Sydney; Anthony Purcell from Canberra).

First Division

  • For players from second kyu to ninth dan.
  • Even games, no handicap stones, komi is 6.5 points to white, colour is set by the draw (standard Swiss).
  • First prize is $100 + free entry to the 2018 Australian Go Congress (September, Sydney).
  • Second and third prizes are $50.

Second Division

  • For players from twentieth kyu to second dan (yes, you can play in both divisions if you are between second kyu and second dan, I did this in 2016 and it is quite fun).
  • Up to nine handicap stones, komi is 0.5 points to white when there is handicap.
  • Even matches will have a komi of 6.5 points to white.
  • Handicap and colours will be set by the draw.
  • The draw is a progressive Swiss (each time you lose a round you get one more handicap stone next round).
  • First prize is $50 + free entry to the 2018 Australian National Championships (November, Queensland).
  • Second and third prizes are $25.

Answers to your questions; rules; draw; results?

  • At the tournament web page, or contact the tournament director on KGS or at horatio@go.org.au.
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Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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