11/11 Gateway of Light Activation.

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Refund Policy

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11/11, Inner Labyrinth of Light activation.

Remembering the light that you are, the process of becoming, the opening of your soul fire.

Once we connect to and follow our own inner labyrinth, the walk of soul knowing and flow, we find our forward journey in life to be more supported, more aligned and our challenges become part of the walk.

We can choose to ignite more flames within, to have a clear pathway, while extinguishing those flames that are no longer relevant. This is your own labyrinth

11.11 gateway is a wake signal and an invitation for another consciousness shift, for alignment with your soul purpose, new potentials, energetics being offered on this day, as well as an increase in your inner light. we stand in the light of who we are becoming. This time is also the opening of a cosmic gateway where the wisdom of the universe floods our world.

Everyone is affected, this energy is NOT just for people who are aware, However, the awareness of what is on offer can be actively engaged in for more maximum movement and integration.

People often comment on seeing 11:11 often, and this is significant. just the awareness of the number sequence is enough to trigger awakenings within. The seeking of 'what does it mean?", is the opening to the inner world.

The 11/11 awareness is encoded into our DNA to activate, perhaps to take note of the number sequence, to stop, remember whenever we see 11/11 that we are creating the very next step, the next outcome, the next new beginning, the next opening to our full light of oneness.

We also celebrate Remembrance day in Australia and I have wondered how we can still honour and remember the past wars, those who have created freedom for us to live in, the loss, and devastation that still sits in the ancestral timelines we are connected with, and then open up to creating a better future, more peace-filled, more collaborative by remembering the light that we are and the power to utilise that for all.

Changing the focus to a more expansive vision with respect from lessons in the past and inviting in more faith for the future we are creating RIGHT NOW

By understanding the labyrinth and its significance on this day of 11/11, you now have a tool you can bring into daily your life..

How to walk your own inner labyrinth, how to shut the old and ‘light the flames of intentions, desires, and keep moving in the direction you have already agreed to do in this human incarnation.

There will be a webinar with information

A meditation and activation

A pdf with image required and instructions for a simple activity that will anchor this event in energetically

This is an important alignment and remembrance as we head towards the end of this year and decade.

I look forward to helping you activate your inner labyrinth of light.

What you receive for your investment in you and time

~Webinar packed with information



~ Ritual with a 'pdf' of a labyrinth for you to utilise in a particular exercise you will be guided through

Zoom Link will be sent out when tickets purchased

Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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