Technology has revolutionised the way that brands advertise and promote to people. It’s also changed the expectations that CMOs have when it comes to reviewing their marketing results and return on investment. To get your event sponsored in today’s market, you’ll need to dig into your data and prove the value of partnering with your brand.

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Wanderlust Festival is an event that is succeeding with the help of major brand partners in Australia and New Zealand. The wellness and mindful living festival has attracted sponsorship and funding from brands such as adidas and Aveda for their four-day retreats on the Sunshine Coast and Auckland. They also have the support of funding from Tourism Queensland and Sunshine Coast Councils, recognising the value the event brings to local tourism for the region.

How to get event sponsors with ticketing data

Valuable sponsorships don’t happen without a lot of work behind the scenes. Event organisers need to be pitch-perfect and design the right presentation to win the attention of brand and funding partners. For Wanderlust, this means getting to know their audience through attendee data found in Eventbrite’s 24/7 reporting and analytics tools.

“Eventbrite reporting allows us to see a breakdown of our audience via city, state, and country — and it’s really simple to export — which is essential when we’re applying for funding. We ask custom demographic questions at ticket checkout to learn more about our audience too. This pre-event information is invaluable when securing partnerships and generating PR for our events”.
Jacque Halstead, Head of Business Development and Programming
Wanderlust Australia & New Zealand

For example, by looking at geographic data within ticket sales like city and state, Wanderlust discovered that just 10% of attendees live in the local areas of the festivals, with the majority travelling and bringing tourism spend into town. This data is invaluable to securing the sponsorship support of Tourism Queensland, because they have solid data to back up their proposal.

Delivering value to sponsors with technology

Once a sponsorship agreement has been signed, events need to deliver value to brands to ensure they retain a valuable win-win partnership. Technology can also play a role in tracking return on investment to sponsors, by following up with attendee data and engagement information post-event.

For Wanderlust, they use their event app to support the activations their brand partners create. For example, hair care sponsor Aveda runs the ‘Beauty Bar by Aveda’, offering free yoga-friendly hair styling and braiding at their festival events. As this activation is extremely popular, Wanderlust allow attendees to either walk-in or book a time slot via the app (pictured below). This not only delivers a better guest experience by reducing queues, but also helps Aveda know how many people to expect each day. They can even check them in at the door to deliver important information on how many guests the brand engaged with.

Wanderlust event app - brand partnership activation

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