A truly local event isn’t just a replica of another one somewhere else – it’s a tailored experience that has the potential to unite the community. Creators have a unique ability to host local events that bring communities together in person as COVID-19 restrictions ease. This means fostering connections through in-person events, as well as virtual or hybrid events, which are retaining popularity. We have expert ideas to help you create a space for meaningful connections that stick.

A local event should be designed to appeal to a particular audience in the area, like local community groups. To help you plan for success, here are our top picks for fantastic local community group events.

Host a hybrid community event

Online events have helped many people to feel connected at a distance during the response to COVID-19. In the current climate, the option to attend an event online

has become quite common. For many attendees, it will stay the preferred option until Australia has higher vaccination rates. Creating a hybrid event that integrates in-person and online elements can be a strong foundation for an unforgettable experience that caters to a diversity of community groups. It’s exciting to return to the vibrancy of the in-person experience when possible. However, a hybrid format means that you can still connect people and escape last-minute cancellations (in case you can’t proceed as planned due to changing COVID-19 restrictions).

Appeal to your audience

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, it’s essential to have a clear audience in mind from the outset. To host a successful community event in 2021, the golden rule is to create an experience that directly appeals to the locals. The people that live, work, learn, and play in the community are the people most likely to attend, particularly if COVID-19 restrictions limit travel. Locals are also the people that will be most excited about an event offered close to home, and eager to share it with friends and family. They can be the key to increasing exposure and boosting attendance.

Think carefully about the kind of people in your region that make up your target audience. Focusing on community activism ideas or community groups that already band together on common interests offers a simplified path to a relevant theme and streamlined marketing. For example, if your area is near a bustling university, there may be student groups that are keen to indulge in a food tasting or socialise at a local music gig. Or, if the neighbourhood sports club is the heart of the community, a social sports game for kids or a BBQ fundraiser could be your ticket to event victory. Browsing community event listings in your area might give you some ideas and help you identify any gaps you can fill with your own event.

Embrace a common cause that connects your community

A community event is a fantastic chance for people to unite and take action, particularly if the event is related to the vision of a local activist group. If the topic or theme of your event taps into the ideas that matter to a community group, your event could help forge common ground and build momentum. Consider opportunities where you can invite community leaders to speak at, or participate in, your event. Or is it feasible to engage neighbourhood volunteers to support you? People often love giving back to the community and feeling a part of something special.

It’s a great time to create events that contribute to the community, as people continue to deal with the challenges created by COVID. Local and state governments across Australia are offering grants for community groups to fund projects that support engagement and connection. There might be other kinds of assistance available to residents or local community groups too, like the use of neighbourhood spaces. If you have an exciting idea for memorable community activities, taking the time to plan for possible funding opportunities could turn your idea into a reality.

Create community group projects that promote community inclusion

Communities are vibrant and diverse places, and your potential attendees will have a range of wants and needs that will shape what they expect out of an event. To plan a community group event that appeals to the locals, it’s important to be intentional about inclusion. There are many facets to planning an inclusive event, like your choice of talent lineup, selection of dietary options and your language around certain attributes like gender or age. Make it clear that inclusivity is the norm.

Deliberately tailor the features of community group projects to encourage and enable everyone to participate. For example, plan the menu of a foodie tour so that there are multiple dietary options available. If you’re organising a live music event, set up the space to facilitate access for people that have restricted mobility.  Choose time slots that are family-friendly if your target audience includes parents of younger children.

It’s time to host a brilliant community event

There’s incredible potential in local events; you can create experiences that connect people and complement the interests of local community groups. Focus on the outcomes listed here to help you plan a community group event that’s set up for success. It’s an excellent time to join the creators that have already launched community events list your own community event today!