The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted people, businesses, and economies around the world. Over the past seven months as people have hunkered down in their homes and socially distanced, we’ve seen new trends emerge on Eventbrite, helping people through this unprecedented time. One recent trend we’ve discovered in Australia: an unprecedented 141% rise in the number of coding events on Eventbrite, compared to 2019. 

Before the pandemic, the Australian unemployment rate was 5.1% and has increased to 7.0% as of October. With more Australians out of work or worried about job stability, it makes sense people are hungry to learn new skills — or brush up on existing ones — as they look for new or more secure job opportunities.

When we looked further into the data, we found online events made up 57% of all coding events in 2020, compared to only 1% in 2019. Josh McNicol, Asia Pacific General Manager of Eventbrite, attributed this increase in online coding events to the adaptability of Australian event creators, who moved quickly to shift their events from in-person to online to meet the needs of Australians looking to upskill from home. 

“From March to April this year, we saw online coding events increasing at a rate of 100% month-over-month as Eventbrite’s creators quickly pivoted to take their classes and workshops events online in response to the pandemic,” McNicol said. 

“One of the positive outcomes of the swift transition to online experiences is that event creators have been able to cross digital borders and reach a global audience — so that anyone looking to take a coding class run by a local expert can do so, no matter where  they are in the world.”

Code Like A Girl, a social enterprise providing girls and women with the confidence, tools, knowledge and support to enter, and flourish, in the world of coding, runs regular events for women looking to learn how to code using Eventbrite. CLG’s Founder and CEO, Ally Watson, said her team had encountered a growing number of women who, as a result of the pandemic, looked to coding as a future-proof, long-term career skill to add to their CV. 

“After COVID-19 hit, we heard from a lot of women who had either lost employment, or had extra time on their hands to reassess the course of their career and decided to seek out new and sustainable career skills, like learning to code,” Watson said.

“Our focus at Code Like A Girl is on making learning to code accessible and inclusive. Being able to run our courses online helps ensure we can achieve that goal by meeting the diverse needs of women at different life and career stages – wherever and whenever it works for them – with content that builds their knowledge and confidence, and offers a strategic stepping-stone into a tech career.”

One such woman is Jasmine, who started her career in event management but decided to change course and learn to code after having her first child. She enrolled in a short online course by Code Like A Girl that fit her and her family’s schedules. 

“I tried to study in person but having a four-year old at home, I simply couldn’t cope,” she said. “When I learned about the short online courses, I pounced on the opportunity. The Python course has been amazing and much more digestible for my current circumstance. I’m also hoping to do the web development course next.”

Globally, we’ve seen a 93% increase in coding events on Eventbrite in 2020, with the United States (99%), Great Britain (56%) and China (43%) also experiencing sharp year-on-year increases in demand for coding events. 

Despite COVID-19, creators on Eventbrite continue to demonstrate great ingenuity by adapting their events in creative ways – and this is met by consumer demand as people around the globe continue searching for alternative ways to learn and grow. 2020 isn’t over just yet, so expect even more coding events available on Eventbrite over the next few months. 

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