How to Build Loyalty with Music Fans and Slay Your Next Onsale

We don’t need to tell you that music has the power to move people. You know that feeling of the dopamine-fuelled buzz that comes from seeing an incredible live act. In fact, some studies have shown that attending live music increases your wellbeing and could even make you live longer.

But this post-event euphoria does more than make people feel good. It motivates them to buy tickets to more shows. Our new research, the 2019 Australian Music Fans Report, found that after every gig, fans are actively looking for more music and live experiences to buy tickets to.

Are you missing out on sales?

When we asked participants what they expected to receive from organisers after an event, 46% responded ‘nothing’. And less than 2% heard about other shows from advertising during an event.

The bottom line: The relationship between live music event creators and fans is transactional. But if this is how you operate, you’re missing out on sales.

Regardless of whether you host intimate acoustic sets or huge multi-day festivals, by reconnecting with fans after your events, you can tap an event-hungry audience who are ready to buy tickets to more shows. Read on to discover the results of our research and how to re-engage fans to slay your next onsale.

About the survey

The results of the 2019 Australian Music Fans Report are based on responses from 1,132 event attendees who attended at least one live music event in Australia ticketed by Eventbrite between 1 January 2018 to 31 March 2019. Respondents are adults living in Australia aged 18 and older and are from all states and territories.

Eventbrite conducted this research to understand what aspects of the music event experience are important to attendees — to help music organisers make informed decisions about pre-event marketing strategies, onsite experience and post-event communications. Here’s what we found out about fans’ post-event habits. 

Fans like to keep the good times rolling after a show

Within a few days of attending a music event, fans:

47% looked for other live music events they could attend
25% bought tickets to another music event
49% streamed the artist’s music

By re-engaging with fans within days of an event, you have the chance to capture them at a time when they’re most excited and ready for more live music experiences. 

Then there’s the superfans of music events. That is, respondents who said they attend 10+ events a year. The opportunity to sell tickets to these fans post-event is even higher: 63% looked for another live music event to attend after a show.

3 ways to re-engage fans to sell more tickets

Here are three ways to connect with fans after an event to maintain a profitable events business.

1. Follow up with emails

Whether you host annual festivals or are managing a venue with regular acts, you’ve always got something in the works to sell to enthusiastic fans post-event. By utilising an email database and an early on-sale strategy, you can capture the feel-good vibes that people have after a live show and use it to sell out your next gig. 

Unlike email newsletters from ticketing companies, direct emails from venues, artists, or festivals can cut through the clutter of noisy inboxes because fans already have a relationship established with events and venues they know and love. You can also use the data you have on your attendees to tailor unique communication, segmented on what type of ticket they purchased.  

For example, if you run a venue with regular shows, in the days following your event you could target fans with a similar artists coming up based on genre. If you run an annual festival, you could collect registrations for your next pre-sale event, sell merchandise, or even encourage upgrades to higher-tier tickets for your next event.

This strategy sees you build loyalty with music fans and helps you build sales on the experience of your events, rather than relying on artists alone. Festivals using this strategy often sell a large percentage of their tickets before a lineup is even announced.

Pro Tip

Sending visual content from shows such as video highlights, photos, or setlist-inspired playlists on Spotify will keep this post-event buzz going and give energised fans something to share with friends and family.

2. Tap into word of mouth by being prepared

Our survey showed that ‘Social Media’ was the biggest driver of event discovery, followed by ‘Word of Mouth’. It makes sense; 

  • 45% of all fans say they shared a photo, video or update to social media while at the event
  • 81% of respondents said they talked to family, friends, and colleagues after attending a show 

So how do you capture the buzz and capitalise on sharing from your events to drive future sales? While you can’t directly influence what people are saying, you can be prepared to capture anyone looking for more information when they hear about your event.

After an event, populate your social media channels and website with shareable content such as photos, videos, and recordings. You could even share this content directly to attendees via direct email (covered in the point above). 

Having this content readily available gives excited fans something to share with friends and family, and provides information for anyone who heard about the event and looked it up. 

This is also when you should also be promoting tickets to your next show or events. If you don’t have another event to promote, provide a way for people to subscribe to email updates or register for pre-sales for your next event. This helps to capture leads from excited fans and harness the power of FOMO for people who didn’t make it but don’t want to miss out next time.

Pro Tip

Once you’ve captured interest on social media, it’s time to make the sale then and there. Don’t let people get distracted or redirect them to another website. Connect your ticketing with native checkouts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. With native ticketing on Facebook, event creators see 20% more paid ticket sales and 2x more registrations for free tickets (based on March 2017 data).

3. Connect your concerts on Spotify

Half of all attendees (49%) will head home and stream artist’s music after attending a gig. If they’re also looking for their next gig to attend, they can find it in the ‘Concerts’ tab on Spotify. Concerts recommends upcoming shows to fans for artists that they listen to or follow. By ticketing your event with a provider that is connected to Spotify, your upcoming events will be promoted to fans. This is especially handy if you have an artist who recently played elsewhere, at a festival or as a support act.

Power your events from pre-sale to doors open

Building a powerful fan base of loyal music lovers is easy if you have the right tools. Eventbrite Music will supercharge your marketing with automation tools and integrations across hundreds of partners including Facebook, Spotify, MailChimp, and more.

To learn more about how Eventbrite Music can push your shows towards sell-out status, get in touch with our team of live music experts here or by calling 1800 820 172 (AU) or 0800 448 422 (NZ). 

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