Millennials (people born between 1980 and 1996) are now the largest generation in Australia. So, chances are, they make up a big part of your target audience, especially in the arts sector.

According to a recent global survey, millennials spent more on art experiences in 2020 than any other age group. Smart artists, performers, galleries, and event creators are tapping into the millennial art market to draw in more attention.

Wondering how to attract millennials and how to attract a younger audience to your next art event? Get your finger on the pulse of millennial event trends and keep reading to find out.

Millennials seek out experiences (and aesthetics)

Art is an experience. Many millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences and events rather than material items, often seeking out experiences that give them a sense of connection with the artist. So, give millennial art lovers a tailored, personal experience they’ll never forget (and that they can share on social media).

By using our versatile and constantly adaptable promotional and ticketing tools, you can appeal to attendees who like to play it by ear. Millennials value spontaneity, and you can use our platform to give them that freedom.

Millennials are drawn to unique experiences

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is real – most people experience some level of anxiety about missing important social events, especially if we know our friends or family will be there.

You can appeal to FOMO by emphasising uniqueness and rarity in your marketing. For example, you could offer limited tickets or exclusive offers through ticket tiering. This allows you to give certain ticket classes with specific benefits. VIP tickets, for example, are usually limited in quantity and come with perks like premium seating or complimentary food and beverages. Get people talking about your event in advance to generate buzz on social media and in your audience’s friend circles.

Millennials value conscious depth and local produce

A key attribute of the millennial generation is their social and environmental awareness and tendency towards activism. A sustainable event could therefore earn you a load of greenie points with this age group.

Along with featuring some environmentally friendly or thought-provoking art pieces, you could also try:

  • Go paperless – use digital banners, receipts, and programs
  • Provide organic and sustainable food choices
  • Establish proper waste disposal and recycling
  • Arrange group transportation to reduce emissions

This group is down to try all types of cuisine, especially locally sourced. Staying with this trend, you can attract millennials by marketing your event as having unique art and unique eats, too. Think gourmet food trucks that serve some eccentric or bespoke snacks, or an Insta-worthy menu full of unexpected combinations.

Adding an edible element to your art event doesn’t just invite interest – it also results in increased revenue, incentivises attendees to stick around longer, and creates an opportunity for cross-promotion.

Millennials have less disposable income

Compared to previous generations, millennials have less money to spend. This could partly be due to them staying in school longer, entering the workforce later, and having more expenses (such as student fees to pay off). Because of this, millennials are less likely to spend a ton of money on art pieces or art events, maybe preferring to head to something like the Affordable Art Fair Sydney.

Try to find the spending sweet spot when pricing your event and think about accessibility. For example, a “pay what you can” ticketing model or a tiered ticketing model will make your event accessible to millennial art lovers from more income groups. A “pay it forward” option is also worth considering, so that your more privileged guests can give others less fortunate the chance to attend.

Millennials use social media to connect with the art world

Social media keeps millennials informed about everything happening in the art scene, including art events and performing arts trends, so consider social media ad campaigns as a way to market your event to millennials.

Discover ways to get this generation flocking to your events by using Eventbrite Boost to advertise your event on multiple social media platforms. A back-end management tool for you, it allows attendees to seamlessly buy tickets directly from your ad.

Millennials are tech-savvy

It’s no secret that this digital-native generation has an almost unbreakable connection to technology. This tech-savviness spills over to art events online as well as art consumption (yes, we’re talking about NFTs). A global survey found that millennials are more likely to collect NFTs than other generations. The survey also revealed that this age group collects NFTs as a hobby or investment. As a creator, why not incorporate this art trend into your event? For example, you could organise a live NFT auction.

Hosting virtual events is another tech-friendly option. A few online art events ideas include:

  • Virtual concerts – online dance parties like those organised by event creator DJ Cynthia are still very popular.
  • Online art or poetry writing workshops – like Story Structure 101, are just one of the events organised by creator the WriteClub.

Attract the Millennial crowd with us

The secret to how to attract a younger audience to your art events is to integrate millennial trends. These art lovers want unique experiences that feature sustainability, flexibility, and aesthetics. Once you’ve planned your event, market it with Eventbrite Boost.