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The Social Media Cheat Sheet

Need a gut check on which social media channels to use? Use this cheat sheet.

By now, you’ve likely judged the necessity of each social network to your event by looking at the stats and asking yourself important questions. If you’re still unsure, here are some quick answers.

Should you be on Facebook?

Yes, if you don’t mind the competition. In Australia, Facebook has a reach of almost 79% of adult internet users (Source: IAB & Nielsen) It is far and away the most popular social network in the country and the world. Consider, though, that with great popularity comes great competition. Facebook is visited by 1.59 billion people around the world every day, including businesses. The News Feed is a crowded place for your event updates — making it more important than ever to share posts that stand out and not rely on it as a single point of information.

Facebook also has a popular Events feature that enables you to invite people, spread the word, and keep attendees up to date. For more on how to use Facebook Official Events to sell more tickets and registrations, check out this post: Reach more people in less time with Facebook Official Events.

Should you be on Twitter?

Quite likely, if your event draws a tech-savvy crowd. Michelle Manafy of Inc. calls Twitter users “information junkies,” referring to a wide variety of information: technology, news, sports, celebrity gossip, marketing, journalism, and so on.

Topical and timely posts work great on Twitter. Be aware that a tweet reaches its peak after 18 minutes, so you’ll want to post more frequently than on other networks.

Should you be on Instagram?

Yes, if your event is especially photogenic. Organising an artsy festival, a swanky food and wine affair, or a beautiful dance performance? Instagram is a great way to use your photos for Throwback Thursdays (#tbt) all year round and build FOMO for upcoming events.

Instagram doesn’t support clickable links in the description of individual images, but you can put links in your bio. For that reason, it works great in a pairing with Facebook or Twitter. Remember that users are scrolling through a feed of curated images, so try to avoid creating heavy text based images that may come across as spammy or overly promotional. Instagram can be a great place to help establish your visual brand identity.

Should you be on LinkedIn?

Yes, if your event appeals to businesses and career-driven attendees. LinkedIn’s audience is full of great insights on work productivity, networking, and job hunting. If you organise classes, conferences, trainings, or educational events, take a serious look at LinkedIn.

Should you be on Pinterest?

Yes, if you have visually appealing content. If your events cater to women or focus on categories like food or DIY, you’ll likely find a demographic fit. That means it’s a great place to promote craft fairs, pop-up dinners, or cooking or art classes.

Should you be on Snapchat?

Yes, if your attendees are in their teens and twenties. Snapchat is incredibly popular among the 16-30 demographic, but it has a bit of a learning curve. One easy way to use Snapchat to build a strong connection with your audience? Create a geofilter for your event.

Geofilters are illustrations or “filters” for Snapchat photos that can only be used within specific geographies. (You just need to submit an illustration by following these instructions, and your filter will be reviewed within two business days.) For any photos taken using Snapchat at your event’s location, users can layer your filter over their pictures. Snapchat pictures are either sent to friends or added to your attendee’s “story” (a series of Snapchat images they’ve taken in the last 24 hours), so anyone who views their image will be exposed to your brand.

Since you’d likely only activate geofilters during your event, this effort wouldn’t necessarily drive sales for your current event. But it’s a great way to build awareness and excitement for your next event when users see their friends having a great time.

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