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4 Creative Ticket Pricing Strategies to Win (and Keep) Loyal Music Fans

Music industry growth means industry change, and one aspect in particular on the verge of a massive disruption: pricing.

The live music business is on the verge of another massive disruption: ticket pricing.

Whether you own or manage a music venue or throw your own shows, experimenting with ticket pricing for live shows will help you drive pre-sales and encourage brand loyalty. Check out this tipsheet to think about pricing “outside the box” — and craft new experiences for your fans.

In the tipsheet, you will find:

  • Why membership programs are a win-win for creators and fans
  • How to put a rewards program in action
  • Why cheap-o tickets can actually benefit your music venue


Tip #1: Membership programs make fans feel connected

Membership or fanclub programs — which allow fans to pay up-front fees to access a set number of shows throughout the month or year — are a win-win for venues and their audiences. Venues and promoters love the up-front revenue. Fans love the opportunity to see shows they might not otherwise have seen.

Texas-based independent promoter Margin Walker Presents recently instituted a Fan Club, which allows fans to pay an annual fee to receive two free tickets to a show of their choosing every month.

Do Fan Club buyers feel a closer affinity with Margin Walker’s shows and venues? “Definitely — one hundred percent,” Orth says.

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