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The Future of Concert Technology: 20 Industry Predictions

Technology is changing the live music industry. Those who stay ahead of the curve have a huge opportunity to impress fans, simplify their work, and increase profit. So, how can you get smarter about using concert technology to produce and promote live shows?

To find out, we interviewed 20 music and technology leaders, who are on the cutting edge of concert technology. You’ll hear from the experts at Facebook Events, Spotify, Paradigm Talent Agency, Mohawk, and many more. You’ll also discover how nearly 50 surveyed music venues in the US and London are using technology to solve their top challenges. This gives us a glimpse of not only what is current in the global music market, but also what to expect in the future for Australian music organisers.

Download the free report to learn how concert technology will change the business — and which tech is worth your investment now. Get their top predictions, including how:

  • Hyper-targeted ads, drone selfies, and phone-free zones at concerts will transform marketing strategies
  • Technology will help venues save time while better engaging fans, sponsors, and artists
  • Wearables and emerging technology will add entirely new dimensions to the fan experience

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