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The Event Preparedness Playbook: How to Avoid Common Festival Failures

Every festival organiser experiences moments of panic as you face the unexpected. That said, there are best practices you can use to resolve the inevitable challenges faster — and protect your attendees from the chaos.

Download The Event Preparedness Playbook: How to Avoid Common Festival Failures, to learn how you can avoid complications onsite, minimise social media backlash, and use communications to manage attendee’s expectations.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Minimise the risk of festival failure through planning and onsite logistics
  • Outline a proactive communication plan in case of an unforeseen circumstance
  • Address attendees and their concerns before, during, and after your event

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You’ve been hard at work planning your event for months, and everything’s coming together. You’ve booked a killer venue, found vendors willing to go the extra mile, and your event is sold out. Then, a week before the event, your headliner pulls out — and there’s just not enough time to find a replacement.

Or there’s a crazy rainstorm and you don’t have ponchos, tents, or waterproof electronics. Your attendees and staff are soaked, there’s flooding throughout your venue, and rain is threatening your Wi-Fi connection.

What happens if you realise, a few days before your event, your alcohol license wasn’t approved and you can’t serve beer at your festival?

Every event organiser experiences moments of panic, and you will always face the unexpected. Half the battle will be keeping your cool under pressure. But there are best practices and experiences you can learn from to resolve the inevitable challenges faster — and protect your attendees from the chaos.

This guide is for event and festival owners who want to…

  • Master complicated (and often neglected) pre-event logistics
  • Be prepared to manage a crisis onsite and online
  • Protect their reputation

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