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How to Attract Your Music Festival’s Most Valuable Fans

They attend more, spend more, and are highly engaged: Meet the hardcore festival-goer and discover how to get them to your music festival.

One type of festival fan spends an average of $600 a year more on music festival tickets than other attendees. How can you identify these valuable fans and get them to your event?

Meet the hardcore festival-goer. New data reveals these festival-loving fans don’t just attend more events overall, they also outrank casual festival-goers in VIP purchasing, social influences, and virtually every other aspect of spending, attending, and engagement.

Download this free guide for revealing music festival marketing insights from a survey of more than 2,000 festival attendees. You’ll learn:

  • The demographics of your most valuable festival fans
  • How they discover festivals and why they choose to attend
  • On-site elements that will delight them — and your sponsors
  • What to charge for VIP experiences
  • Australia’s top 5 music festivals

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