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2018 Guide to Event Sponsorship The Current Trends and Best Practices for Success

The 2018 Guide to Event Sponsorship: Current Trends and Best Practices for Success

What are the event sponsorship trends in 2018? Sponsors are an important revenue stream for events and the right partnerships can help you deliver enormous value to your attendees. In this guide, we look at how event directors of large-scale events can future proof their ability to win and retain sponsors.

The 2018 Guide to Event Sponsorship shares valuable insights from six sponsorship experts who’ve worked with major brands, getting you up to speed with current event sponsorship trends and best practice.

Download the guide and you’ll learn:

  • What sponsors really want from your event
  • How to price your sponsorship assets for profit
  • Why you shouldn’t email your sponsorship proposal
  • Why gold, silver, and bronze packages are the most overrated tool
  • The secret, sponsorship-winning weapon of B2B events


Event Sponsorship Trends 2018

What is sponsorship?

If you’re having difficulty answering that question, you’re in good company.

“It used to be a pretty simple answer,” says Larry Weil. Larry is the Sponsorship Guy. And with nearly two decades of experience and over 4,000 brand and industry contacts, it’s a title he’s proudly earned. “Most people think of sports sponsorships like McDonald’s and the Olympic team, or Carlton Draught and the AFL — but there’s much more to it than that.”

On the surface, sponsorship is a highly specialised branch of advertising and marketing, connecting brands to their customers. But as Larry Weil said already, there’s much more to it than that.

In a recent survey, event professionals were asked to rank their sponsorship challenges from least to greatest. The results seem to suggest an answer to why so many professionals, the experts included, have a hard time defining sponsorship succinctly.

Respondents said that securing sponsors for their event was just as difficult as finding them — which was only marginally more difficult than approaching sponsors and measuring and evaluating sponsorship return on investment (ROI).

The emerging pattern in these responses show that events aren’t struggling with any single aspect of event sponsorship — it’s the entire process.

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