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The 10 Best Ways to Promote Your Event Online

Reach more fans and sell out your next event with our top 10 ways to promote your event online.

You’ve put time, thought, and money into organising your event…how much budget is left for your marketing?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to market your event online — either for free, or at a very low cost.

To help you reach more fans and sell out your next event, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite ways to promote events online. Simply drop your info in the form, and we’ll send the list your way!


You’ve invested time, effort, and dollars into organising your event, and you’re confident attendees will have a blast. The only problem: your marketing budget is light. And if you don’t spend money promoting the event, how will you get the word out?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to market your event for free — or at a very low cost. Using the power of online marketing and social media, you can reach people who are already looking for your event and brand-new fans.

To help you find the smartest places to invest your time, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 ways to promote an event online.

Tip #1: Level up your keyword game

You’re probably familiar with keywords — those wily terms that search engines use to rank your site in their results. So how can you use keywords to your advantage?

Let’s say you’re hosting an event for classic car enthusiasts in Sydney, where participants can show off and admire vintage rides. You know that you want to rank for terms your target audience is searching for — so do you optimise for “classic car show NSW” or “vintage automobiles Sydney”? Or both?

Luckily, it’s not difficult (or expensive) to discover which key phrases are most valuable. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great (free) resource for understanding keyword performance, testing out multiple keywords, or comparing keywords to each other. MozBar by Moz is another good resource — it will tell you the page and domain authority of top-ranking search results, so you can estimate your chances of showing up high on the page.

Check out our quick guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), where you can learn how to research keywords — and what to do with your findings.

Tip #2: Harness the power of email

Do you get multiple emails from companies and brands every day? There’s a reason for that. Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing methods out there, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Eventbrite’s 2019 Email Benchmarking report found that event emails generated open rates between 21-30%, and click-through rates between 2.1-3% — well above marketing email standards.

If you’re using Eventbrite, you can email up to 2,000 users a day right from our platform (read a tutorial here). We also offer a MailChimp integration, allowing you even greater flexibility when sending email invitations and follow-up messages. If you aren’t using Eventbrite, email marketing services like MailChimp can still help you connect with your contact lists.

For more tips on event promotion — such as leveraging social networks like Facebook and Instagram — fill out the form on the right and access the rest of the 10 Best Ways to Promote Your Event Online tip sheet.

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