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The USA is definitely the cradle of some of the most famous death metal bands. Obituary is one of those bands. Formed in 1984 in Seffner, Florida Obituary quickly started to conquer the death metal scene. A few people know, but the band started out as Executioner.

But they changed their name to Xecutioner in 1986. Finally, in 1988 the band was renamed Obituary. The band line-up goes as follows: John Tardy – lead vocalist, Donald Tardy – drummer, Trevor Peres – rhythm guitarist, Terry Butler – bassist, and Kenny Andrews – lead guitarist. The band influenced a lot of other bands and thanks to it, we have the death metal scene as we know it today.

Obituary released their first vinyl debut in 1987. Their first album “Slowly We Rot” came soon after. They started touring thus significantly increasing their fan base. Obituary tickets sold in thousands.

It took 10 years of heavy touring for the band to grow tired of everything. The band reformed in 2003, however, and they continue to perform around the globe.