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Our story is Brisbane’s story – the lives of those who lived here, the events that have shaped our history and the places which we hold dear. As a museum dedicated to the city, we celebrate the people, places and stories of Brisbane.

Rather than a museum of fossils and old bones, Museum of Brisbane is part of the living history of our city. We examine how Brisbane and its people continue to change over time and reveal how each of our individual and collective stories are the milestones of our city’s evolution. We explore seemingly ordinary people and places of Brisbane to uncover unexpected and fascinating stories

Museum of Brisbane presents these stories through an innovative mix of social history and visual arts. Every exhibition is an opportunity to discover more about ourselves and our city. Our carefully curated events, workshops and tours are designed to help you delve even deeper.

We are a space where stories unfold — a place for meaningful dialogue; enjoyable, entertaining experiences; and a place to explore and share in the identity of Brisbane.