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Functional Movement Group

The Functional Movement Group is a one-stop source for those in the health and fitness industries seeking to learn more about functional movement. We bring you interactive educational courses based on the most up to date research and innovative products with the mission to help professional like you bridge the gap between the health and fitness industries. Our unique approach means we are constantly evolving in line with the science to help provide you with an evidence based understanding of a person’s unique pain management, rehabilitation and performance needs.


The M.A.T is an innovative new tool that can be used by Health & Movement Professionals for Movement Assessment, Screening, Rehabilitation and Performance. It allows simple and easy quantification of three-dimensional movement to help you provide better patient and client outcomes.


To integrate the intelligence of the health care and strength and conditioning worlds and provide this to professionals in the form of interactive education courses and innovative products.

The Functional Movement Group is the brainchild of Andrew Lemon and Stephen King to provide professionals in the health and fitness industries with a one stop resource for functional thinking and products.

A passion for having a better understanding of how the human body works has inspired and driven Andrew and Stephen to study the most contemporary ideas and research from around the world. Drawing inspiration from Osteopathic, Physiotherapy and Applied Functional Science principles from the likes of the Gray Institute, FMS, Craig Liebenson, Stuart McGill, Leon Chaitow, Thomas Meyers, Robert Schleip, Vladimir Janda, Andry Vleeming, Bret Contreras, Brad Schoenfeld and many more. The result is a strategic approach to assessment, treatment and exercise prescription that allows you to focus on developing a management plan based on each person’s unique pain experience, movement and performance needs.