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CCNB Community Care + Well Being

CCNB is a non-government, not for profit, public benevolent institution providing support for people with frail ageing, disabilities, dementia, mental illness or other health concern across the Northern Sydney Region.

As an organisation, we are passionate about supporting individuals to live the lives they desire – because everybody has the right to get the most out of life.

We work, and many of us live, within the Northern Sydney Region and specialise in developing local solutions to local problems. We know this community intricately, and pride ourselves on our connection to the people and communities who live here.

We’re here to help you understand, navigate, plan and connect with the care you need

We’re care advisers with extensive knowledge and experience of the Northern Sydney area. We make things happen. We don’t provide care directly but we work with you to ensure your needs are met. We connect you with the care you require. We specialise in ageing, disability, mental health and carer support.

All your needs are connected, so we look at everything, from medical treatment to help with the housework. In order to keep living independently it all needs to be taken care of.

We’ll guide you through a care system that’s often hard to understand, to help you learn, navigate and plan. We will then connect you with the services that’ll help you continue living independently.

We’re a non-religious, not-for-profit organisation, and we deal with hundreds of highly qualified care service providers. We are fully independent, and our commitment is always first and foremost to you.