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Arianna Pienaar

Arianna is a Holistic Therapist and Health-Coach in training.

She has had an interest and LOVE for movement and subtle energies since she was 3, and was often able to see aura's and energies from a very young age. (...and was quite often known to trip people out to be quite honest).
She is on a mission to empower people by teaching them how to re-balance their energies through holistic practises by coahcing one on one and in group settings. You'll find her teachings on how to tap in, zone in, and access the most beautiful part of yourself a wonderful addition to your wellness practise, whether you've started one or not.
Launching incredible programs and hosting meditations and chakra balancing sessions face to face and online, you'd be a silly sausage not to enrol or join in on at some stage. Her techniques will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  

Her Love Affair with Essential OIls is infectious, and she immediately inspires you to use these mother nature miracles in ways that are nurturing and DIVINE!